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biplace pour tous public sur millau

Paragliding Baptism

vol ascendance en parapente

RATE  95€

Photo/video option: €25

FREE 8gb sd card


16 to 22 minutes


All public

WEIGHT: between 40 and 95 kg

Discover our Baptism Ascendancy

Your flight details 

The Ascendance flight is offered in the afternoon , in aerological conditions that allow you to stay in the air. The simplest tandem, during which you only have to observe the view and enjoy the feeling of being comfortably seated in the air ! You always need a first time... Depending on the conditions, it is possible that the instructor will give you the commands to introduce you to paragliding!!!

For unique sensations of FREEDOM!

Price: 95 €

Flight time: 16 to 22 minutes 

Photos & videos option: 25€  

on FREE 8gb sd card

 THE +     Fly Millau Paragliding

A medal and a diploma for the children  

Possibility to fly 4 people together

A school with the FFVL label

Family package  

FREE 8GB SD card

Reception chalet at the Millau-Plage landing



The discovery flight takes place in the afternoon to take advantage of the updrafts.


The meeting is most often given at the chalet located in Millau-Plage.

Weather conditions may lead us to offer you an appointment at one of the nearby sites.  

The flight confirmation will be sent to you by SMS the day before around 9 p.m. The address will be sent to you as well as its  GPS link.


- Closed shoes that hold the foot (hiking shoes, basketball for example).

- Trousers, cropped trousers or shorts depending on the weather.

-  A windbreaker, a sweater  or a fleece (just in case, the instructor can bring it during the flight in a pocket of his harness).

- Sunglasses recommended.

During the climb or during take-off, we will give you a short briefing on the progress of the flight. No worries, nothing complicated. On takeoff, you will just have to follow the movement of the monitor, and then a very short run in order to gain speed. The most important thing is to stay up and wait for instructions to sit down. Once in the air, all you have to do is contemplate the landscape.  

For the landing, no difficulty, we will explain to you when the time comes. It's really very easy and very sweet



Would you like more information, to have more details about your flight?

To find the answers to your most common questions, visit our page Frequently Asked Questions !

If you cannot find the answer to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us !

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