Tarif pas cher pour stage en parapente sur millau
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Paragliding package
10 flights

Do you want to strengthen your automatisms discovered in initiation or continue the progress made during the advanced course....

Offered in the morning / Monday to Sunday  / According to student availability.


A pack of 10 flights /  After the initiation course or advanced course, if you need more flights!

This à la carte pack includes :

  • 10 solo flights with radio

  • Shuttle included

  • Daily theoretical briefing of flight exercises

Objective :

Some are not yet ready to go flying alone because they have not been able to practice regularly or do not yet feel like flying alone.

We therefore offer a complement of 10 renewable flights to complete your training for autonomy for exam training or to practice more advanced development exercises.

Price of the 10 FLIGHT PACK 

Price 350€ /person

The 10-flight pack is offered for morning flights.

Validity: Pack to be used in the 2022 season

To be provided by the trainee:

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Salle de cours
Salle de cours

Séance théorique dans notre salle à l'intérieur du camping.

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Pente Ecole
Pente Ecole

Découvrez le parapente, une activité unique avec des sensations en 3 D

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THE + 


- School Labeled EFVL 2022

- We are a team of enthusiasts.  

- Very recent equipment with the latest developments.

- 2 instructors on a school slope from 5 students

- Possibility to buy the equipment at the end of the course at very attractive prices.

- Possibility to lend you equipment  outside of the course to inflate against the sail.

- Cottage of  reception at the Millau plage landing + courtyard at the Millau Plage campsite.

- We are on the sites all year round to advise you.

- Possibility of making 1/2 days of improvement according to your availability.

- We have a WhatsApp group to connect all beginner pilots (share your new passion, get opinions on the weather conditions of the day, organize shuttles, continue your progress as a group,  etc....).

- You can join us all year round.