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Vol en parapente à Millau, un saut avec Fly Millau parapente

near montpellier-IN OCCITANIA

  Fill up on sensations!  

VCome and discover the joys of paragliding!

The Fly Millau Paragliding School, labeled FFVL welcomes you for un tandem baptismWherefor aparagliding course in the sky of Millau,close to Montpellierin Hérault(34).

It is in the green setting of theAveyronthat you will fly over a magnificent panorama between the Tarn and Dourbie valleys, Millau    and its sumptuous viaduct and all these large surrounding causses,_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_accompanied bymonitors graduates, experiencedand still too passionate!

Tandem baptisms

Courses all levels

During a paragliding flight,

a gift will be given to you!


A diploma and a prettymedalwill be offered to our little adventurers. 
And for the older ones, abottle opener... Always useful!

Post instagram illustré sport et développement durable (4).png

Millau, the IDEAL SPOT to take off!

Take advantage of your visit to Millau to try the experience of aparagliding flight.East Millauone of the most beautiful free flight sitesof France where professional, experienced and beginner paragliders meet.

At the heart of the Grands Causses, you will have the opportunity tofly over Millau, surrounded by verdant nature   depicted by the Tarn and Dourbie valleys, whoseGrands Causses Regional Nature Parkranked 3rd largest park in France with its majesticMillau Viaductin background.

So look no further,Millau is the perfect place to take off! 

Everyone can access the pleasure of a paragliding flight:From the smallest to the biggest, Adults, Children and Grandparents.

You just need to be able to do a short run-up on take-off: a few strides..., until the wind rushes into the sail.




You are looking for an original gift for a birthday,

for Christmas,  a special event... 

An original and unforgettable experience ! 

Labeled French Federation of Free Flight


Located in Millau, in Aveyron, the Fly Millau Paragliding school is aschool labeled FFVLwith a team of instructors experienced andstate graduates. It is the passion for paragliding that brought them together, and it is this passion that they will pass on to you, with the key words:professionalism, safety, friendliness and kindness.

Fly Millau Paragliding, Aparagliding school near Montpellier.

Pente école face au viaduc de Millau

Do you fancy flying like a bird?  Nothing better thandiscover paragliding with a professional team near Montpellier. They will share their passion with you through thisaerial activity rich in emotion.The softness and the feeling of freedomfelt by paragliding will seduce you. 

The Fly Millau Paragliding school offers you different formulas de paragliding coursesadapted to your level and your desires:  De la simple discoverytointroductory courseto learn to fly, up to more technical courses such asimprovement or thermal courses.

Meteorology and aerology, flight mechanics and air regulations, here are the different themes discussed in training. That you arebeginners or experienced pilots, our instructors will be able to answer your questions. 

In addition, the school will provide you with all your paragliding equipment: sails, harnesses, helmets, and reserve parachute.

All you have to do is  only to equip yourself according to the weather conditions!!! 

Learn, Progress, Escape


If these 3 air sports use a sail to glide through the air, they are totally different in their sensations and their ability to fly.

Parachutingor free fall is performed from an airplane or helicopter to jump into the void.We are therefore talking about a parachute jump.

In paragliding, we take off from a mountain or favorable terrain well oriented with respect to the wind. The difference with the parachute is thatyou don't fall: you fly, you slide, you stay stable in the air to fly as long as possible in the sky. 

Ahang glideris also a flying machine, without an engine and with a foot take-off like a paraglider. One of the differences is that in hang gliding, theposition is lying down,facing the ground with more feeling of speed. The structure is rigid and triangular whereas with the paraglider the sail is flexible.


 The Pouncho d'Agast website:

The Pouncho d'AguastisTHE hang-gliding spot in Millau, due to its position at the tip of the Causse Noir; the website of thePouncho d'Agast offers take-offs from different directions(south,  west, north west and north). The takeoff is at 828 meters. You will fly over a vertical drop of 500 meters before landing in front of our chalet located in Millau Plage. You will discover aexceptional view of Millau, the Millau Viaduct, the Gorges du Tarn, the Dourbie valley and the surrounding causses. Accompanying persons can thus see the take-off and landing from the reception chalet of Fly Millau Parapente. Take-off and landing parking are free.

Brunas website:

The Brunas site is locatedon the edge of the Larzac plateau, very close to the Millau Viaduct and the village of Creissels.The Brunas site is practiced by North wind.   Take-off and landing is   at 815 meters altitude.The landing is done at takeoff, which allows the attendants to see the takeoff and landing.Over 370 meters of altitude difference you fly next to the Millau Viaduct with a panoramic view of the Larzac. The  rendezvous is given to you at take-off, it has a large free car park and public toilets. 

 Novi's website:

North of Millau,Ihe Novis site is located at the southern end of the Causse Sauveterre and at the gates of the Tarn gorges.  The Novis site is practiced by sustained South-East wind with a take-off at 867 meters.This site allows you to take off and rest on landing; Thus the accompanying persons can see the take-off and the landing. The meeting point  is given at take-off, it has free parking and public toilets. 

 The Pic d'Andan site:

Lhe Pic d'Andan site is located 839 meters above sea level, west of Millau near the village of Saint Germain(next to the Millau Viaduct toll area) . This site is practiced by sustained South-East wind. The take-off is at 867 meters with a breathtaking view of Millau and the Grands Causses.   The car park is located at the foot of the site: A 4x4 will be waiting for you to take off. 

Frequently asked questions about your paragliding flight  (FAQ):




From what age can you fly a paraglider?

It is possible to fly from 4 years old. 

For young children, the important thing is that they ask for it!

Flights for children are in the morning before 12 noon, when the conditions are calmest

and the sweetest.

Until what age?
No age limit, as long as you are able to run a few steps.

Do you need any particular physical qualities?

No special preparation, a few running steps and you're in the air.

You will then be seated like in an armchair with a 4D view. Then, the landing is also very gentle .

A weight limit?

For safety reasons, the limit for flying a tandem is around   95 kg.

It may vary depending on the aerological conditions  and the passenger's abilities.

Do I get dizzy while paragliding?

Rest assured, the answer is no. Vertigo is a visual phenomenon. It appears when you have a visual "leakage" line (on a ladder, on the edge of a cliff, etc.) This "leakage" line can cause a feeling of imbalance called vertigo._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_As soon as you take off, in the absence of fixed landmarks and comfortably installed in your harness, you will not feel dizzy. It's like when you take the plane, you don't feel dizzy!!!  

Is a medical certificate required?

No, paragliding baptism does not require a medical certificate. It is mandatory for people who fly alone with their own paraglider.

Disabled ?

We have a specific chair for the flight. Most instructors have the qualification to guide people with reduced mobility.

How am I insured?

You are covered by the instructor's civil liability insurance.

What is the best season to fly?

We are open all year round. However,  paragliding requires good weather conditions, which is why it is most often practiced from March to mid-November. Durant During this period, we are open from Monday to Sunday, even on public holidays.


How does a paragliding baptism take place?

Show up 10 minutes before your appointment.
A private shuttle picks you up on takeoff for the flight. 

The instructor gives you instructions for take-off and explains the course of the flight.

During the flight if the conditions allow it, the instructor will be able to make you fly.

Once the flight is over, the landing is done at the point of the meeting place where you parked your vehicle.

Smile and emotion guaranteed after the flight!!!

If you have taken the photos and video option, the instructor will give you the SD card just after the flight.

How to dress to fly a paraglider?

The outfit will depend on the weather of the day:

- The most important thing is to wear shoes that hold the foot (such as hiking shoes or sneakers) necessary for take-off and landing.

- Trousers, cropped trousers or shorts depending on the temperature.

- A windbreaker, fleece or sweatshirt   just in case!! 

- And sunglasses (recommended)

Can I take my camera?

Yes, but you will already be well taken by the discovery of the sensations and the landscape. In any case our instructors can, if you ask him, take photos and videos of the flight in order to keep a memory of this unique moment. If you wish to take your equipment, it must be insured and authorized by the instructor.


Tandem flight prices and flight times:

Discovery Flight: 65 € (Flight duration from 6 to 10 minutes of flight)

Thermal flight: 95 € (Flight duration from 16 to 22 minutes of flight)

Sensation flight: 115 € (Flight duration from 16 to 22 minutes of flight)

Acrobatic flight: 135 € (Duration of flights from 16 to 22 minutes of flight)

XL flight: 170 € (Flight duration of 40 to 45 minutes of flight)

XXL flight: 230 € (Flight duration from 1 hour to 1 hour and 10 minutes flight)

Sensation option: 20 €

Options Video & photos 25 € (20€ for the Discovery Flight) on8 GB SD card offered

     Group rate on request (possibility of having 4 people fly together)

Prices for paragliding courses at our Fly Millau Parapente school:

1/2 day of discovery: €165 

Initiation course 550 € (5 sessions) minimum 3 people

Advanced course €310 (3 sessions) minimum 3 people

Advanced course €550 (5 sessions) minimum 3 people

Thermal course 90 € inlow season et 110 € from 1/7 to 31/8

Additional educational flight 80 € (if there is an internship carried out)

Folding the hemispherical reserve parachute in a pod 35 €

Folding of the hemispherical reserve parachute + assembly on harness or ventral  45 €


- Cash,  Chèque Vacances (ANCV)

- No Checks,

- No Credit Card except payment of gift vouchers online (you must print the gift voucher).

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