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Apprendre à voler en thermique

Paragliding course

stage thermique sur Millau


90 €/ person


3 hours  (from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. approx.)


Adult (+14 years old)


This stage  is  destined  paragliders with good autonomy and having validated the initial pilot's license.

It aims to discover and understand thermals and then to use them to climb to the ceiling. This is how you can attack the paths to increase the duration of your flights. We will also discuss during this course,  the following topics:

- on the analysis: Aerology of the reliefs of the flight zone, Where to stand, When to move

- on the mind: How to manage your affect in thermal flight, how not to put yourself under pressure, to fly with pleasure

- on the theory: Life and Death of the thermal, how to observe, mechanics of pendulum movements in turns, piloting in turbulence, advanced weather.


Objective :

Framing :


  • 1 instructor for a maximum of 4 students.

Program :

Mastering flight in varied aerology (thermal, dynamic), developing active piloting, mental analysis, meteorological/aerological analysis (use of analysis tools), and thus validating the technical and theoretical parts of the Pilot's Certificate FFVL.

Our philosophy of the thermal course :

Theoretical content :  

- Weather report

- Aviation regulations

- Theoretical and technical work on pendulum mechanics in thermal and dynamic flight and pilot action.

Practical content :

- Typographic reading, flights on different sites .

- Wing speed range and management of different angles.  

- In-depth meteorological/aerological analysis

- Manage your safety: ensure your placement, identify "cows", analyze, anticipate...

- Debrief his flight: understand his mistakes, refine these choices, set a line of work, broaden his vision,

Flight exercise :

- Mastery of placement in thermal and dynamic operation

- Start the paths

- Work on rapid descent methods

At the end of the day and at the end of the training, DEBRIEFING!!!


Prerequisites :


  • know how to take off/land easily

  • master at least one rapid descent technique (360, ears  accelerated...)

  • be able to dampen pitching movements and control rolling movements

  • be able to identify "pitch" and "dive" movements

Making flights last is the goal of many pilots! As soon as one flies in varied aerology, it is necessary to perfectly master all the basic techniques. This is why we have based our pedagogy on the progressiveness and the validation of stages to learn how to have fun without being afraid.

Equipment material:

You must have your own equipment:

Approved and Controlled 

fly millau parapente (3).png

We are also reseller of the following brands:

Nova/  Ozone/  Gin/  Skywalk/  Neo/  UP/U-turn/  

Supair /  Woody  Valley

Price of the thermal course 

Low season: 90€ - High season 110   

High season from July 1 to August 31, 2022

​Stage de moins de 3 élèves / Tarif Basse saison

Pour 1 personne : 280 € par demie journée de grand  vol.

Pour 2 personnes :160 € par demie journée de grand vol.

Additional educational tandem flight at €80.

This  flight will be carried out in the afternoon in thermal conditions to carry out the following exercises:

roll,  pitch,  ancestry,  wing or wing over,  rapid descent (360, ears, 360 ear, B),  landing

To be provided by the trainee:

THE + 


- School Labeled EFVL 2022

- We are a team of enthusiasts.  

- Very recent equipment with the latest developments.

- 2 instructors on a school slope from 5 students

- Possibility to buy the equipment at the end of the course at very attractive prices.

- Possibility to lend you equipment  outside of the course to inflate against the sail.

- Cottage of  reception at the Millau plage landing + courtyard at the Millau Plage campsite.

- We are on the sites all year round to advise you.

- Possibility of making 1/2 day of improvement according to your availability.

- We have a WhatsApp group to connect all beginner pilots (share your new passion, get opinions on the weather conditions of the day, organize shuttles, continue your progress as a group,  etc....).

- You can join us all year round.

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