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Apprendre le parapente sur Millau

Paragliding course

stage initiation sur millau


550€/ person


5 mornings over a week

from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. approximately


Adult (+14 years old)


Have you ever done a paraglider? So come and do an introductory course to discover the basics of the activity.

You will learn, on a school slope, how to fly a paraglider to make great flights with an altitude difference of +350 meters at the end of the week. Courses in meteorology, aerology, flight mechanics and air regulations will provide you with the basics necessary for your first flights.

Goal :

Access the first major flights with technical and theoretical preparation.

Management :

  • 1 to 2 instructors on a school slope (2 instructors from 5 students)

  • 2 instructors for long flights

Program :

Weather report every morning.

Theoretical content : 
- Operation of the paraglider

- Aerology and meteorology

- Rules in flight: compliance with the flight plan, priorities, use of paragliding sites

- Flight preparation on the gantry: harness adjustment, harness installation (seated passage and standing passage), controls, turning gestures, maneuver to provoke the ears, control handle (rescue parachute)  

- Explanation of the different approaches (PTS, PT8, PTU) as well as the final with the culmination point.

- Use of the reserve parachute (when and how?)

Practical content :

- Discovery of the equipment provided by the school  (veil, harness, helmet and reserve parachute).

- Preparation and pre-flight check

- Inflation technique on school slope with controlled race and the discovery of the sensations of lightening.  

- Exercise of turns (through blocks) and pitching to find the balance between the sail and the pilot.

Flight exercise :

- Realization of several long flights with an elevation greater than 350m and +, in radio guidance with an instructor who assists you on take-off and an instructor on landing.

- Many exercises of:  Observance of heading in straight flight / Execution of turns in the harness / 90° and 180° turns / cause Roll and Pitch to know how to stop it  / Technique of descent with the ears with change of course /  Control handle / different approaches will be used (PTU U, PTS, PT8) / piloting at the rear.

At the end of the morning and end of the course, DEBRIEFING!!!   

You will be given during the course, the booklet accompanying the initiation course and free flight passport , published by the FFVL.

The free flight passport materializes your progress according to 6 levels and will also serve as a flight log throughout your practice.


Our philosophy of the initiation course  :

Our desire is to take you to your first big flights. But the first condition is safety . This is why we do not commit to accomplishing a number of flights. It depends on each person as well as the weather conditions. We also know that this course and the first steps in its teaching are decisive for the future practice of paragliding. We make it a point of honor to provide you with the most complete technical and theoretical background possible.

Equipment material:

Our equipment pack is renewed every year:

- Prion 5 Nova, Go, Bolero6 sails  

- Supair Access 2 harness, Woody Valley

- Start rescue from Supair 

fly millau parapente (3).png

We are also reseller of the following brands:

Nova/  Ozone/  Gin/  Skywalk/  Neo/  UP/U-turn/  

Supair /  Woody  Valley

The material packs can be sold at the end of the course at a very advantageous price.

We offer the pack at the price of one sail.

Take for example: a PRION5 wing €3312/Harness €680/Parachute €540/Maillons+Elevateurs €57 = €4589.

The pack will be invoiced to you at 3312€. Be one  fitness  1277€.

You will be OFFERED the harness, the reserve parachute, the maillons and the elevator!

Course price for 5 mornings 

Price per person: 550€  

10% discount

if you have your  own material.

The equipment must be approved and revised. 

Additional educational tandem flight at 85 € .

This  flight will be carried out in the afternoon in thermal conditions to carry out the following exercises:

roll,  pitch,  ancestry,  wing or wing over,  rapid descent (360, ears, 360 ear),  landing

To be provided by the trainee:

THE + 


- School Labeled EFVL 2022

- We are a team of enthusiasts.  

- Very recent equipment with the latest developments.

- 2 instructors on a school slope from 5 students

- Possibility of buying the equipment at the end of the course at very attractive prices.

- Possibility to lend you equipment  outside of the course to inflate against the sail.

- Cottage of  reception at the Millau plage landing + courtyard at the Millau Plage campsite.

- We are on the sites all year round to advise you.

- Possibility of making 1/2 days of improvement according to your availability.

- We have a WhatsApp group to connect all beginner pilots (share your new passion, get opinions on the weather conditions of the day, organize shuttles, continue your progress as a group,  etc....).

- You can join us all year round.

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