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Découvrir le parapente sur Millau

Paragliding course
D iscovery

stage découverte sur millau


€165/  nobody

half day



from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. approximately


Adult (+14 years old)


A 1/2 day to taste the joys of paragliding for yourself!

During a morning of slope-school with the equipment provided by the school  (wing, harness, helmet and radio), you carry out your first tests of wing inflation, piloted racing and first chip jumps. This is where you feel the first take-off and landing sensations.  

This step is part of the beginnings of learning to paraglider.  It is essential for all those wishing to fly with their own wings!

This fun and rewarding half-day allows you to get a clearer idea of the activity.

Objective :

Framing :

  • 1 school slope instructor (2 instructors from 5 students)  

  • 1 instructor for tandem flight 

Program :

  • Presentation of the material,

  • Handling of the sail on the ground, theory to accompany you and understand the basics...

  • Discovery on the ground of the sensations of paragliding, initiation to inflation and small take-offs… A few theoretical notions and then… in addition * an Educational tandem flight in a paraglider to understand the basics of the activity and fly the paraglider.

*  If you wish, it is possible to do an educational two-seater flight in the afternoon.  at the price of  €80 instead of €90.

You can take control and fly the paraglider under the direction of your instructor, weather permitting. 

  • Immerse yourself in the paragliding spirit!

  • Discover how to handle the wing.

Our philosophy of the discovery course  :

The discovery paragliding course is an opportunity to test your skills and give you a more precise idea of the activity. This allows you to discover the sensations of driving and give you the desire to continue the adventure with an initiation course... 

Equipment material:

Our equipment pack is renewed every year:

- Prion 5 Nova, Go, Bolero6 sails  

- Supair Access 2 harness, Woody Valley

- Start rescue from Supair 

fly millau parapente (3).png

We are also reseller of the following brands:

Nova/  Ozone/  Gin/  Skywalk/  Neo/  UP/U-turn/  

Supair /  Woody  Valley

Price of the course for a 1/2 day 

Price €165 per person.

To be provided by the trainee:

  • Clothing suitable for the outdoors: sportswear, light mountain shoes or sports shoes (good ankle support and shock-absorbing soles)

  • Also bring water, sunglasses, sunscreen

  • A medical certificate of aptitude for the practice of paragliding (this is necessary for the issue of the FFVL insurance license, it can be issued by your general practitioner) or a certificate of cover in aerial civil liability (RCA) including the paragliding practice.

  • Parental authorization for minors .

  • FFVL insurance license included

THE +     Why choose Fly Millau Paragliding 

- School Labeled EFVL 2022

- We are a team of enthusiasts.  

- Very recent equipment with the latest developments.

- 2 instructors on a school slope from 5 students

- Possibility to buy the equipment at the end of the course at very attractive prices.

- Possibility to lend you equipment  outside of the course to inflate against the sail.

- Cottage of  reception at the Millau plage landing + courtyard at the Millau Plage campsite.

- We are on the sites all year round to advise you.

- Possibility of doing 1/2 days of improvement according to your availability.

- We have a WhatsApp group to connect all beginner pilots (share your new passion, get opinions on the weather conditions of the day, organize shuttles, continue your progress as a group,  etc....).

- You can join us all year round.

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