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Vente de matèriel de parapente sur millau 12


Fly Millau Parapente is also a paragliding shop (sails, harnesses, rescue, helmets, accessories). Many brand retailers: NOVA, SUPAIR, TURN, WOODY VALLEY, OZONE, GIN, SKYWALK.

Do not hesitate to contact me at

for  get all the info  on the purchase of your equipment and all the advice to best guide you on the choice best suited to your level and your type of practice.

BRANDS of paragliding for which we are resellers:

woody valle sellette
u turn voile parapente
supair matériel sellette, voiles
nova parapente
Skywalk_voie parapente
OZONE matériel de parapente
gin voile et sellette


The material that we make available to our students is also available for purchase.

These are material packs that can be sold at the end of the course at a very advantageous price. (sail, harness, parachute, maillons, risers)

We offer the pack at the price of one sail.

Take for example: a PRION5 wing €3312/Harness €680/Parachute €540/Maillons+Elevateurs €57 = €4589.

The pack will be invoiced to you at 3312€. Be one  fitness  1277€.

You will be offered the harness, the reserve parachute, the maillon and the riser!

Advice on buying used equipment :

If you do not want to invest immediately for new equipment, you will find below some sites for the purchase of used equipment:

 See also on Leboncoin and Facebook

When looking for a used wing it is important that :

  • The sail is overhauled less than 6 months (ask for the overhaul report)

  • To check the homologation form on the manufacturer's website or on:

  • For airbag harnesses, check that the airbag has not exploded!!!

  • I recommend buying a new reserve parachute.


For beginner paragliders it is best  :

  • A wing in A or B (some B are dangerous for pilots leaving school, beware!!!)

The sails that I recommend :

Sails A:

  • Bolero Gin,  

  • Mescal  sky walk

  • Mojo Ozone

  • Nemo  Dudek

  • AlphaAdvance

  • GO Gradient

  • Prion Nova

Les Voile B T ranquilles  :

  • Tequila Skywalk

  • Atlas Gin

  • Hook Nivuck

  • Buzz Ozone

Light B sails:

  • Double Skin in A

  • Masala Skywalk

  • Ultralite Ozone

If you have any doubts, you can send me the announcement by email at the address :

Good research !


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