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Météo sur Millau et l'aveyron

Weather report 
paragliding in Millau

To help you form your own opinion on the weather forecast, we have compiled a list of very useful meteorological SITES and weather BEACONS for paragliding in Millau.


1- We must begin the analysis by reading several maps on a European scale :  to see the different air masses (anticyclone, depression, warm fronts and cold fronts).

2- Then, we continue the analysis at the country level with isobars and cloud cover.

At this stage, we begin to know the trend of the day. 

3- But to confirm the analysis, we look at the local sites .

If the wind is expected to pick up "especially by south, south-east wind" in Millau: It is better not to take off, because the wind can come suddenly (you can have a 15km/h and ten minutes after more than 35 km/h more turbulent because of the gorges of the dourbie.  

"There are no good pilots , only old pilots "

“It is better to regret being on the ground than to regret being in the air                                                          

Good analysis and good flight!

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